Time for a new clean start

Time for a new start Happy

The Banlist is now cleared on Borg Server.
For the people who Where banned in the past: Keep it nice and cool and you won’t hear a thing.
Take a look also to : http://www.borgteam.info/?p=1614 for the rules.

Have fun all.

Best Regards.
The BorgTeam.

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New Rotation in Borg Pro Server

Yes, we did it. :)
While analizing the servers logs, we noticed which maps were most voted, which maps were most skipped, which maps were most played.
So, with all those informations, we managed to build up a new rotation, in the hope this will meet everyone’s wishes.
Here’s the new rotation: q3w4, ump1ctf5, q3hockey, q3wcp1, q3wcp18, q3w5, q3wc8, mkbase, q3wcp14, mapel4b, q3ctf2, x3map03, q3wcp17, q3w2, q3wcp5, 3ctf1.
Keep in mind that not all those maps are included into the standard Q3A installation, so you may need to download all the others before joining the server.
As always, you can download all the necessary files from our ftp repository, HERE.
If you are one of our faithful gamers :) you probably have to download 3 more files only: here are the direct download links.

1) http://www.borgteam.info/downloads/maps/pack-ump1.pk3
2) http://www.borgteam.info/downloads/maps/pack-ump2.pk3
3) http://www.borgteam.info/downloads/maps/pack-ump3.pk3

Ok, that’s all for today.
Don’t stop coming on our servers, and don’t stop having fun with us.
Your pleasure is our satisfaction. :)

Best Regards.
The BorgTeam.

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Website Update

Well, every website needs a little update, from time to time.
Sometimes, there is the need of a patch. Sometime, the site should need a new server. Sometime you may think that it shoukld look better with a new graphic style.

In a few words, we decided that our forum had all of those needs. :)
Old WP version, old server, old graphic style.
Our ultimate worker, neverending coder and godmode admin, in a single name: FASTER :) decided to do that all, and he’s still working on all the fixes needed for such a great update.

For the moment we already have:
1) A whole new server, with unlimited bandwidth and loooooow ping time :) Look HERE for more infos.
2) A whole new forum, with all the prevoius contents, but a full new amazing style;
3) A rock-solid software engine, now unbreackable by spammers and bots.
4) A fully working FTP service, from where you can download .cfg config files and .pk maps and so on;
5) A fully working teamspeak server, to let all players talk each other while playing.

And, don’t forget: we can also RENT GAME SERVERS, TOO! Wanna be root admin? Wanna create your own game server? Just contact us, and ask. We can REALLY help your dream come true.

As a special gift, Faster is also working hard to make the forum browsable from mobile devices, too.
The work is at good point, so you already can open your favourite mobile browser, point at THIS LINK and just login, read, write and CHAT(!) too, at the same way you was used to do on you PC. :)
In a simple word: The Borgs are now pocketable :) and you can carry your favourite forum at the your fingertips.
Cool, isn’t it? :)

This is how we develop more and more, this is how we work for you, this is how we  love you.
Who else do the same? No one, let me say this.
Because We are The Borgs.
The Resistance is Futile. ;)

Best Regards.
The BorgTeam.

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Servers Rules Update

We, all the Borgs’ Admins & refs, recently had a discussion on how the servers rules should be updated or not, and how much.
Our aim was, once again, the same: write down a list of rules, the shortest possible, and easy to read and understand, to let everyone know that Borgs Servers are free to use and join, but we DON’T allow anyone to ruin other people’s fun. The point is just THAT simple. No cheat, no insult, no flame, no timenudge and blah blah blah again are all different ways to tell always the same thing.
Wanna play and have fun with other friends? You’re welcome, here.
Wanna play the chicken you are, using cheats to win over the other “beginners”, or wanna puke your frustrations on us? The door is wide open. Bye Bye.

Simple. Easy. Right.

So, we all collaborated to update the rules list, just to include all the new bad behaviours we saw on the the servers.
Here is a copy of the the rules lits, but you can find the original post here, too. :)
That’s all. I wish you all the best for everyone, and hope to see you all again playing on our servers. ;)
Best Regards.
The BorgTeam.


Any detected and recognised cheat will result in lightspeed BAN, with NO warning.

#1Bis Offensive Language (Flaming, Swearing, Insulting, Abusing)

Strictly forbidden! You will receive a warning at first, but breaking this rule will result in a kick.
In the case, that you use this kind of language, just to make jokes with your friends, please make sure, that no one else feels offended. Also make sure, that a certain level of conversation is still granted. This rule includes “/say ” binds.

#2 English only!

Keep your chats with other players in english! It is not very polite, to flood the console with a language, only a few players understand, while others don’t understand anything and may feel offended, especially when they spot their names. We won’t mind short sentences, but longer discussions, if they are not in english.

#3 Racism

Strictly forbidden! Breaking this rule, will result in a ban. You may be warned once!
Our servers are made for having fun and not showing off your political opinions.

#4 Callvoting

Callvoting of any kind (Gametype, Config, Maps etc.) is only allowed at the beginning and the end of a map. Any abuse by callvoting (e.g. for your favourite map) several times in a row, will result in a kick.

#5 Winjoining

Not allowed! Breaking this rule, will result in a warning and you will be forced to spectate. Ignoring this by winjoining again, will result in a kick.
Joining the winning team, just to push your ego or simply because you cannot lose, is not fair for the other players and ruins every match. Keep it even.

#6 Teamkilling

Not allowed! Breaking this rule will result in a warning and -if you go on- in a kick.

#7 Spamming

Not allowed! Breaking this rule will result in a warning and -if you go on- in a kick.
Excessively spamming the doorways with your weapons, may result in a lot of teamkills (#6).

#8 Forced Lags

Not allowed! Breaking this rule will result in a warning and -if you go on- in a kick.
Manipulating your Rate, Snaps and Maxpackets, just to force a lag on the clientside may give you an advantage and will be seen as a kind of cheating.

Acceptable values:
-Rate 25000 (193500 if you played on Hiszy Servers before)
-Snaps 40-125,
-Maxpackets 30-125

#9 Timenudging

Not allowed! Breaking this rule will result in a warning and -if you go on- in a kick.
It also counts as forcing a lag on the clientside (#8) and will be treated the same way.
cl_timenudge must be set to 0!
Please note that each admin or ref when banning must write reason and by whom it is banned, if it is not written it is deleted from bans.

#10 Gauntletrunning

Not allowed! Breaking this rule will result in a warning and -if you go on- in a kick.
Running around with your Gauntlet drawn, especially in narrow places such as in Q3CTF1 will not only make you appear like a mentally challenged person, it may also result in teamkilling (#6)

#11 Audio / Chatspam

Not allowed! Breaking this rule will result in a warning and -if you go on- in a kick.
Flooding the console with your “say -binds” or annoying people by using audiochat messages (e.g. “haha”) destroys the atmosphere on every server.

#12 Offending / Insulting Referees and Admins

Strictly forbidden! Breaking this rule, will result in a ban. You may be warned once!
For more information, look at rule #1Bis. Our Admins surely understand jokes, but don’t push it too far.

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Q3 Server Backdoor, How-2-Fix

This is a quick note to let you all know, expecially if you are a server admin and/or server owner, that the last relase of Excessiveplus mod for Q3 hides a “special feature”, as the programmers called that. Or, a backdoor, as WE call that.
In a few words, they added the feature to let the coders inspect the server and check for cheaters using the built-in anti-cheat tool.
The problem was – that anti-cheat tool contained a Masterpassword for all the beta-testers in the development of that tool , so they could test on the servers what had the betaversion of that anti-cheat tool. The Masterpassword of that anti-cheat tool was on purpose never changed after the beta-test period, so all the beta-testers (around 25 people) where after the release of the e+ mod able to control other peoples servers without any disclamer / notification / messa. Really bad stuff.

That’s the reason of this post: this bug is easy to fix. Once it’s based on a default password leakage, it’s only necessary to CHANGE that default password. That’s all.
If you admin/own a game server running Excessiveplus mod, just edit the serverconfig file and add the following line: set checkerpassword <TypeHereYourPassword>
No more work necessary. Just add this line, and your server will instantly become more safe.
That’s to say, no reasonable reason :) NOT to do that.
That’s to say, WHAT are you doing? WHY are you still losing time reading this? :) Lightspeed go to improve your server security. NOW.
And remember: you read HOW to do that HERE, for the first time. ;)

A couple of closing notes: we found that out with installing the mod, and we also tryed to bring it under the concidiration of the developers team, but they still try to hide that all. And, as long as we know, there are some beta-testers are still not happy that they lost control over OUR server. Unbelivable. :-?

Best Regards.
The BorgTeam.

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